Marathon Retirement Planning Danville

I have worked in the financial industry for 25 plus years. Including positions on the American Stock Exchange and financial advising on Wall Street. I’ve worked as both an inside and outside sales representative for mutual fund and annuity companies. In addition to working from coast to coast, I had the opportunity to work in Victoria BC for one of the largest investment firms in Canada. Until I decided to start my firm, I worked as a  CFP® in San Ramon, California for a small private practice. My multitude of experiences has provided me the opportunity to see many different ways of how firms and individuals run their businesses. In launching my firm, I look to combine the latest technology and fundamental practices to help clients achieve their goals. The private practice I had worked for focused primarily working with PG&E employees. In launching Marathon Retirement Planning, I work with PG&E employees, their friends, family, and referrals, that want help planning for and achieving their financial goals and creating a plan for a successful retirement.

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