Financial Plan Danville

Our service model for clients includes regular, scheduled phone calls, in-person visits, and advice any time you should need us.

How We Help People

We have different levels of service, starting with monthly calls for the individual who wants regular contact. For those who prefer,  we can check in a few times a year to update you on your progress.  We can determine which of the available levels, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and semiannual calls, work best for you when we get started. No matter what the schedule, you will know what to expect.  In our regular connections, we will cover a variety of topics. For example, investments, health care, taxes, beneficiaries, social security filing and other relevant issues.

We realize not everyone wants every service we have to offer. We can customize a contact plan that works for your needs. You can access any part of our services  individually. If you just want a plan, but don’t want us to do your investments, we can accommodate that. If you just have questions and want an opinion, we can work with you just to answer your questions.